Image of The Sight (A Devil's Isle Novel)


Image of The Sight (A Devil's Isle Novel)

The battle for what is left of New Orleans after a magical war heats up in Neill’s terrific Devil’s Isle series. Anger, fear and hatred are a very bad combination and will soon reach a boiling point as those emotions are stoked by a dangerous cult. How Neill’s compelling heroine faces the fact she is considered a threat will impact not only her relationships, but her place in this changing society. This story is an excellent showcase of how both physical and political threats can warp individuals.

After inadvertently revealing that she is a Sensitive and infected with magic, Claire Connolly lucked out when paranormal bounty hunter Liam Quinn refused to turn her in and condemn her to the Devil’s Isle paranormal containment camp. An urgent new danger is facing New Orleans as Reveillon, a violent cult, threatens to remove all magic from the world. To them, if that means killing all the paranormals, sensitives and humans in the vicinity, so be it. After Claire sees Reveillon’s explosive stockpile, the race is on to try and stop them before they wreak havoc. (NAL, Aug., 352 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith