Image of The Silver Stag (Wild Hunt) (Volume 1)


Image of The Silver Stag (Wild Hunt) (Volume 1)

Urban Fantasy maven Galenorn launches an exciting new series featuring Ember Kearney, an outcast from the worlds of both the Dark and Light Fae due to her mixed blood. Ember works as a freelance investigator in the Seattle area, but her life is about to take a dramatic turn. Galenorn does such a great job creating fascinating worlds that are dangerous and compelling. Both Ember and her best friend Angel are intriguing characters that readers are going to want to get to know. Not to mention Herne and his elite squad of hunters. This book is a terrific set up for a series that promises to be exciting and unforgettable.

Ember Kearney is just back from a nasty job eliminating a goblin that was killing a local farmer’s chickens, when her best friend Angel calls in a panic. Angel’s 10-year-old half-brother, D.J., is missing. Following the death of their mother, Angel is raising D.J. even though she is human and D.J. is Wulfine, a wolf shifter. Thankfully Ember finds D.J. just before he is about to be killed by two Light Fae. As she fights to free D.J., Ember is unexpectedly helped by a mysterious White Stag. Regrettably, now Ember, Angel and D.J. are on the radar of both the Light and Dark Fae which could prove to be fatal. Due to her mixed blood, Ember was already on their list because she is considered an abomination, but now they really want her dead. Luckily a new player, Herne, arrives at Ember’s door with an offer. To protect them, D.J. needs to be sent to secretly live with a Wulfine family and Ember and Angel must come to work for Herne’s Wild Hunt Agency. They don’t have much choice and this new life is not going to be easy. (NIGHTQUEEN ENTERPRISES LLC, Mar., 318 pp., $15.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith