Image of Simply Irresistible


Image of Simply Irresistible

On the verge of marrying aging millionaire Virgil Duffy, Georgeanne Howard leaves her would-be groom at the altar and hitches a ride with one of the guests.

Hockey player John "The Wall" Kowalsky is attending the nuptials of the Seattle Chinooks' owner under pressure. A two-time loser in marriage, John doesn't look kindly on matrimony. Cutting out early, he gives a ride to the bride. Though helping her could hurt his career, John is drawn to Georgeanne. But their night of passion isn't enough to make him sacrifice his career. He provides Georgeanne with a plane ticket and a ride to the airport.

Determination and good luck lead Georgeanne to a struggling Seattle caterer. Seven years later, business is thriving, and Georgeanne is the mother of a 6-year-old imp named Lexie.

An encounter at a fund-raiser throws Georgeanne back into John's path. Learning he's a dad changes John forever, but convincing Georgeanne to let him be part of Lexie's life won't be easy. Though distrustful, they're still incredibly drawn to each other. Unfortunately, Virgil Duffy's animosity could derail any reconciliation.

Offbeat charm and humor plus sizzling sexual tension make Rachel Gibson's debut novel a tremendous find. SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE lives up to its name! (Jan., 384 pp, $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith