Image of The Siren


Image of The Siren

Effortless and easy, The Siren seems perfect for a lazy afternoon. It is, however, a very simplistic read. Classic themes abound: those of faith, revenge and self-sacrifice, but it does little to resolve weak character development and a far-fetched romance. Akinli and Kahlen spend very little time together, yet she pines for him for most of the tale. As is, this will not be enough for many readers.

Taken by the sea, known as Her to the sirens, Kahlen has lived the last 80 years as one of the chosen few. Now, resistant to change, she has met a man who will upend her world; a man whom she cannot forget no matter how much distance she puts between them. She tries to bond with her sisters and revel in her love of the sea, but it is not enough. Kahlen cannot forget a boy in the library and a cake they once made together anymore than she can forget her life before her own death. (HARPERTEEN, Jan., 336 pp., $18.99, ISBN: 9780062391995, HC, 12 & Up) 

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Krys Tourtois