Image of The Sixth Idea (A Monkeewrench Novel)


Image of The Sixth Idea (A Monkeewrench Novel)

The immensely talented mother/daughter writing team of P.J. Tracy return in a complex and astonishing new thriller that places the Monkeewrench gang dead center as they unravel a six decades long conspiracy. A much welcomed aspect of this book is that there are significant developments in the relationship between Grace MacBride and homicide detective Leo Magozzi. When you dive into a Tracy book, you know the plot will be byzantine and the suspense breathtaking!

On a flight to Minneapolis, Chuck Spencer is seated next to young Lydia Ascher. While they are talking they realize that they have an unexpected connection when a picture shows Chuck’s father and Lydia’s grandfather together as part of the team that worked on the hydrogen bomb. Frighteningly after they reach their final destinations, Chuck and his friend Wally Luntz are murdered and Lydia finds two other dead men in her basement. Detectives Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth are assigned the case and they learn Chuck had a website called the Sixth Idea which has mysteriously disappeared. Leo asks Grace and the Monkeewrench team to look into it and what they discover may be a long dormant Armageddon plot about to be activated. (PUTNAM, Aug., 320 pp., $27.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith