Image of The Smoke Hunter


Image of The Smoke Hunter

Indiana Jones meets Lara Crofts in Benson’s engrossing action thriller. From the very first page, Benson entices readers, luring them into an ancient legend and pulling them along as her three dimensional characters follow a trail leading from London into the jungles, where a deadly threat could be unleashed. This is one fun, wild ride of an adventure tingled with the paranormal, magical, mystical and believable.

The day independent-minded suffragette and archivist Eleanora Mallory appropriates a little book from her boss is the  day her life changes. Inside the ancient psalmist is an obsidian coin and a map leading to a legendary city in the unexplored Central American jungles. Ellie is determined  to follow the  map, especially when several men attempt to steal the book. She flees London, followed by  a soldier and a disgraced professor. Ellie teams up with adventurer/archaeologist Adam Bates.  Even though she can’t trust him, he’s the only one willing to believe her fantastic story. They head for the unexplored  territory. What lies ahead is beyond their wildest nightmares; snakes, insects, raging waterfalls and death traps  set by an ancient people. All the while they are stalked by their enemy. But once they reach the lost city, their journey takes an unexpected turn. Under the earth lies  a deadly secret of smoke and mirrors. Ellie and Adam hold the key to saving the world — if only they can escape  a deadly scheme. (GRAND CENTRAL, Sep., 448 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin