Image of Someone Like Her (A K2 Team Novel)


Image of Someone Like Her (A K2 Team Novel)

Owens’ account of a family search gone wrong is a real nail-biter! Readers will immediately fall for hottie Jake who will take their breath away every chance he gets. They’ll also get a good scare as they witness Maria’s terrifying events. Though the book is sometimes more romantic than suspenseful, it’s apparent that Owens understands love — and you just might, too, once you near the end.

Maria Kincaid’s overbearing brother makes it tough for her find a relationship without his express approval. She never had a father figure, which is why he’s so protective. As Maria searches for her father, the process lands her in danger and she turns to ex-Navy SEAL Jake Buchanan — “Romeo” to his K2 Special Services buddies. He’s a commitment-phobe, but he feels differently once he gets close to Maria. The only problem is that Jake’s boss is Maria’s brother, who said she’s not to be touched. But a kiss as he’s keeping her safe won’t hurt ... or will it? (MONTLAKE, Jan., 304 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi