Tregillis’ amazing new fantasy thriller is a tour de force: a real nail-biting page-turner. Set in a post- apocalyptic future, his cerebral, inventive narrative is a mix of classic gumshoe and quantum physics/theology. With an “OMG!” ending and characters who are anything but cookie-cutter, Tregillis solidifies his place as a brilliant voice in the genre.

Someone’s murdered the angel Gabriel and stolen the Jericho Trumpet, causing cataclysmic disruptions in heaven and earth. It’s the angel Bayliss’ job to find a replacement for Gabriel and maintain the status quo, but in his intoxicated state he chooses the wrong human and matters go from bad to worse. Molly Pruett’s become an unwilling cog in an ecclesiastical puzzle-wheel — assuming she can replace Gabriel, find out who killed him and save heaven and earth with only Bayliss, the most un-heavenly, bumbling and preposterous angel, to help her. (TOR, Dec., 304 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt