Image of The Space Between Us


Image of The Space Between Us

Hart wields her pen like a scalpel as she methodically dissects the heart of a ménage à trois in this soul-searching, emotionally sensitive story. Strong characterization and smooth, yet forceful, writing captures your attention and holds you hostage — along with the protagonists. Each individual’s story haunts their actions and casts a shadow over their words as readers are given an intimate tour through their relationship and a firsthand look at the highs and lows that can occur when three people attempt to love one another for the wrong reasons. Some readers may be turned off by the brutally honest lens that Hart forces us to view her characters and their decisions through.

Barista Tesla Martin is both flattered and intrigued by the singular attention of a coffee shop regular. Laid back and sexually open Tesla is swept away by Meredith’s sparkling charm and she’s willing to do almost anything to keep that charm focused on her. When Meredith proposes a threesome involving her husband, Charlie, Tesla is wary but willing — especially after she meets Charlie. Grounded Charlie is the perfect foil for Meredith’s brilliance and soon Tesla is happily immersed in a relationship with them. But real life intercedes, and emotions run high when one of them begins to pull away. Can Tesla keep this relationship together, or will she have to accept that every story must end? (MIRA, Sep., 400 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Tori Benson