Image of Starless


Image of Starless

Jacqueline Carey spins a tale complete with court intrigue and political drama. The multi-faceted Khai is a thoughtful and intelligent child who is fascinating on many fronts. The darkness that is set on destroying what Khai loves most is chillingly told. Starless is a unique story that asks serious questions about identity, fate and honor and it will appeal to fantasy fans who appreciate in-depth character exposition.

Khai was chosen from infancy to become the shadow and protector of Princess Zariya. He was trained as a warrior and taught the value of courage and honor. Khai grows up enduring the deaths of those closest to him, wondering who he can trust when leadership changes and emerging violence makes him wary of bonding with his elders. On the verge of adolescence, he is told a truth about himself that makes him doubt his identity, but fulfilling his destiny as companion to his princess validates his purpose in life, as well as a love he never imagined possible. Will their devotion to each other be enough to overcome the dark and deadly trials ahead? (TOR, Jun., 592 pp., $26.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kerry Sutherland