Image of Starry Eyes


Image of Starry Eyes

Bennett is back with another adorable romance that will warm your heart and make you laugh. What makes this book so addictive and fun is the witty banter and tension-filled moments between the two leads. Further, Bennett crafts a compelling family storyline and side characters that complement the love story. Lovers of cute young adult contemporaries with a hate-to-love angle will enjoy this clever and funny romance.

Lennon and Zorie haven’t spoken in months after their experiment to be more than friends failed, leaving Zorie with a broken heart. Now they’re forced to spend time together when mutual friends invite them both on a camping trip. Their alone time is quadrupled when said friends abandon them in the back country with only the bears and the great outdoors to keep them company. This adventure gives Zorie more time to mull over what to do about her father’s potential affair and how to break it to the only mother she’s really ever known. As Lennon leads them back to safety, all of their longing and unspoken feelings come to the surface. Can they make it out together as friends — or even as something more? (SIMON PULSE, Apr., 432 pp., $17.99, 14 & Up)
Reviewed by: 
Megan Simpson