Image of The Start of Something Good (Stay)


Image of The Start of Something Good (Stay)

An alpha male and a type-A female are sure to be explosive together, and that’s exactly what happens — on more than one level — in this first book of Probst’s newest Stay series. The enemies-to-lovers storyline is carried by great banter and sizzling chemistry. Intense and explicit bedroom (or barn stall) scenes mirror this couple’s passionate nature, and emotions of all sorts spark into flame between them when they are in close proximity. Ethan is wholly likable, despite his rough edges, but Mia takes more than a bit to warm up to. Despite the generally-formulaic nature of the plot, readers will be pulling for Ethan and Mia’s romance to succeed.

Mia Thrush is determined to see her PR client Jonathan Lake become the next mayor of New York City, whatever it takes. When Lake’s college-age daughter Chloe gets in trouble with the law, Mia reluctantly heads to a B&B farm in the Hudson Valley to keep an eye on Chloe’s court-ordered horse therapy. But Mia’s intense, quick-tempered personality is a saddle burr to Ethan Bishop, Chloe’s instructor, and the two set off enough sparks to burn down a barn. The former Special Forces paratrooper just wants to brood in peace, a peace that is completely shattered when Mia storms into his life and kindles a passionate desire that he can’t shake. (MONTLAKE ROMANCE, Jun., 316 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Carrie Townsend