Image of Stolen (Alpha's Control Book 1)


Image of Stolen (Alpha's Control Book 1)

Addison Cain’s Stolen is well written with some hot sex scenes; however, the confounding element is when the story veers into some highly disturbing territory — so disturbing in fact, there is a disclaimer from the publisher. There is a rape scene between the two leads, and this is a world where women don’t have control over their lives — or, for that matter, their minds. Fans of the previous series, Alpha’s Claim, should respond well to this story as it continues to follow the path of the two leads. However, new readers will likely feel unsettled if Stolen is their first foray into this world. This is recommended for readers who enjoy stories with a heavy emphasis on dominance and control. If those themes aren’t up your alley, it’s probably best to steer clear of the first book in the Alpha’s Control series.

Brenya Perin takes pride in her service to the people of the Dome, even if she is Beta and a grunt. When a freak accident occurs while she’s maintaining the Dome’s exterior, she is exposed to the toxic air outside and placed in quarantine. Once released, she is unexpectedly revealed to be an Omega when a Oversight Alpha claims her in broad daylight. As she is weaned off Beta rations, it becomes clear that Jacques has claimed far more than just her body. He aims to control her mind and soul as well. The question becomes, does Brenya love it — or hate it? (BLUSHING BOOKS, dl $4.99)

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Mary Bennings