Image of Stormlord's Exile


Image of Stormlord's Exile

This fast-paced read, full of action-adventure and danger, is a fitting finale to Larke’s Stormlord trilogy. Her imagined world is unique, yet recognizable enough in people and habits that we mere mortals have little trouble understanding it. Her characters, especially Shale and Terelle, shine brighter than the sun. Best read in order of series.

While Shale stays behind to deal with the day-to-day bickering of their people, Terelle goes to her homeland under a strong compulsion to fulfill her destiny as foretold by her waterpainting. The secret of how they manipulate the rain together is safe, and Terelle ensures there are enough paintings to give the Quartern rain until she returns. Both know that they were meant to be together with a brighter vision for their future and that of their people. But can they survive the attempts on their lives, and will they know their allies from their enemies? Only time will tell. (ORBIT, Aug., 720 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt