Image of Strangers of the Night: An Anthology


Image of Strangers of the Night: An Anthology

Hart's three stories are well written and quickly paced. Her characters are also nicely developed, particularly Persephone and Kane — the two characters in the second of the three stories, "Passion in Disguise" — in terms of Persephone's extrasensory talent and Kane's determination to help her no matter what. While these stories are novellas, they all just end a bit too abruptly.

Three former residents of Collins Creek compound, bred to have extrasensory special abilities, find their significant others while on the run from people determined to either kill them or use their abilities for gain. In “Touched by Passion,” Samantha Janecek rescues Jed Collins from Wyrmwood Hospital when he's marked for death because his captors believe he no longer possesses the ability to kill with his mind. In “Passion in Disguise,” police officer Kane Dennis helps rescue his neighbor Persephone Collins when the same villains from Wyrmwood try to kidnap her in order to use her talent to change the way she looks. And in “Unexpected Passion,” Phoenix Collins is on the run from those same men when he meets librarian Willa Ambrose, who helps him escape and then proves just how perfect she is for him. (HARLEQUIN NOCTURNE, Jun., 304 pp., $5.75)

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay