Exceptionally talented Carlson goes indie with her exciting new UF series featuring an unsuspecting young
woman who is struck by lightning while working at Macy’s, who then learns about her supernatural heritage.
Carlson really puts her heroine through
the ringer as poor Phoebe Meadows goes from typical 20-something New Yorker to being kidnapped by vicious creatures from Norse mythology. Carlson excels at combining intricate worldbuilding with intriguing and kick-butt characters … which all leads to unforgettable reading fun!

After getting hit by lightning at work, all Phoebe wants to do is get home and collapse, but her plans are shot to hell once her neighbor Ingrid reveals that they are both valkyries and she is Phoebe’s aunt. Phoebe gets no time to process before she is kidnapped and then falls into one of the Nine Worlds. Struggling to survive, Phoebe makes an unlikely ally in Fenrir the Wolf, Loki’s son. Fenrir has been imprisoned for centuries and hopes that maybe together they can find a way to escape. However, even if they do, it appears Phoebe has a big target on her back — but the question is why? (AMANDA CARLSON, May, 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith