Image of Sweetest Taboo (SIN)


Image of Sweetest Taboo (SIN)

Kenner’s sizzling SIN trilogy comes to a blistering conclusion in a novel filled with all the emotional turmoil and intrigue that fans have come to expect. The cat-and-mouse game that runs through this installment lends a good deal of tension to the plot, though the shifting narrative perspectives disrupts the flow of an otherwise exciting pursuit. Though the protagonists’ persistent unhealthy behavior and the heroines’ constant helplessness feels repetitive at this point — and the numerous sexual and ambiguous relationships makes the “forbidden” relationship at this story’s core seem almost tame — fans who have enjoyed this series until now will no doubt delight in the twists, turns and tension in this final high-stakes installment.

Dallas and Jane have survived hell together, found heaven in each other's’ arms and endured the pain of the world’s approbation. Now, even as they struggle to find a future together, the nameless villain from their past returns, determined to destroy whatever happiness they have found together. Now, even as Dallas and Jane prepare to face the world together without guilt or shame, they find themselves looking over their shoulder once again for the one person who knows all their secrets. (BANTAM, Oct., 240 pp., $16.00)

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown