Funny, sexy and unexpectedly touching, Schultz’s new novel is the Hitch for millennials — with its own twist. Blanche is simultaneously sincere and snarky and, although her motives don’t always make sense, she is the kind of character who would be easy to befriend and root for in real life. Her close-knit friendships represent a variety of personalities and dynamics, including a particularly touching subplot. With smart writing, sharp wit and intense sex scenes, Schultz shines an irreverent light on modern dating and its many potential pitfalls. However, the main thread gets a bit bogged down by side plots and, at a certain point, the obstacles between the heroine and her guy aren’t very believable. Ultimately Switch and Bait is an often-hilarious and surprisingly endearing read, perfect for beach season!

With a healthy list of relationship rules, Blanche is dedicated to helping her clients put together the best possible dating profile — and land a first date with the right guy for them. She dodges the creepy guys on her client’s behalf and even poses as her client to message the guys that make the cut. When a past hookup becomes a current client’s potential match, Blanche sets aside any lingering feelings and embarks on an online conversation in her client’s name. But proving she’s over Henry is difficult when he’s suddenly everywhere she goes and seems to really be falling for her client — except it’s really Blanche he’s been talking to all along. (GRAND CENTRAL, Jun., 304 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Carrie Townsend