Image of Switch It Up (Noble House Kink)


Image of Switch It Up (Noble House Kink)

Brookes does an amazing job of introducing readers to three distinct characters, and each of them is given their own background, vulnerabilities and strengths. No details are spared in the BDSM scenes, and each strike, kiss, hair pull and thrust leaps from the page. This story is long and there are parts that most likely could have been omitted without marring the overall tale. Don't expect to finish this Noble House Kink installment in one afternoon! Settle in and prepare to be entertained.

This is the story of a male Dominant, a female submissive and a man who swings on both sides of the BDSM fence. Madeline Zane ventures to Noble House's website, a club that caters to individuals with kinky tendencies, and realizes her inner fantasies could become a reality. She meets the club's owner, Kochran Duke, and the club's resident web technician, Ezra Snow, and recognizes that they have been holding their true needs at bay as well. The three of them form a bond that fills a hole none of them were willing to admit existed in their lives. (CARINA, Feb., 368 pp., $8.99)

Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner