Image of Take the Lead: A Dance Off Novel


Image of Take the Lead: A Dance Off Novel

A ballroom dance competition is a beehive of activity and emotion, and the intensity of that environment is conveyed very well in the first entry of the Dance Off duology. Personalities are well developed and the storyline flows smoothly, as locations change and the passion of the competition flares higher. Gina and Stone are a lovable couple who make it easy to root for them.

Gina Morales is a professional dancer who has been on the hit show The Dance Off for 5 seasons. She knows that if she doesn't make the finals with her 'celebrity' partner Stone Nielson, it may be her last chance to be a regular. Stone stars in a popular Alaskan wilderness reality show, and has agreed to do The Dance Off to help pay his mother’s medical bills. Gina is a Latina from the Bronx and the pair could not come from more diverse backgrounds — but both are strong-willed people with defined goals. As they learn about their shared values, they also learn a shared passion ... for each other. While Stone wants to leave the flashy world of LA and go back to Alaska, Gina keeps drawing him back in — but when their burgeoning romance is exposed, both have to face the consequences of being in the limelight ... (SWERVE, dl $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins