Image of Tempest (Old West)


Image of Tempest (Old West)

As the Old West trilogy comes to an end, the adventurous Regan Carmichael meets Dr. Colton Lee and his little girl. The territory is wild and history junkies will learn about the challenges faced by these post-War Western settlers with Jenkins’ lush descriptions. Another trademark of Jenkins’ romances is the depth of her supporting characters and the ability to find humor, even amid the harsh realities of the time. With a sizzling romance and bouts of action, Jenkins shows her skill yet again.

When Regan Carmichael answers an ad for a mail-order bride, she leaves her family in Arizona to travel to the newly settled territory of Wyoming. As her stagecoach nears town, they are set upon by three bandits and Regan is forced to shoot the thieves. With two dead and another retreating, Regan sees another driver and assumes they’re reinforcements … but mistakenly shoots her intended husband, Dr. Colton Lee! Soon, she and the driver see another group approaching and she wounds another rider. After recovering, Regan and the good doctor decide that she may, indeed, be the right match for him in his quest to find a new mother for his daughter, Anna. Regan is more outspoken than any woman that Colt has ever known and he is intrigued by Regan’s spirit and beauty, and her close connection to Ana is a boon. While they’re finding their own happiness, there are people in town who wish them harm — but this family is developing into an unbreakable unit. (AVON, Jan., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins