Image of Then She Was Gone: A Novel


Image of Then She Was Gone: A Novel

Twists and turns abound in Jewell’s latest, making it hard to put down. The story is told in five parts through five different characters, so the reader is able to learn the entire story from an insider’s view at all times. It’s a bit on the dark side and occasionally disturbing, but that just adds to the enjoyment of this gripping read. Poppy feels a bit unreal, and perhaps too perfect for her age, but that doesn’t take away from the story as a whole. Jewell keeps the reader guessing, though a few parts are a bit predictable. Fans of The Lovely Bones will want to check this out.

Laurel’s daughter, Ellie, disappeared ten years ago, and she’s been trying to move on. However, new clues have surfaced that may shed light on the case. It was always assumed that Ellie had run away, though Laurel was never convinced. She is taken aback when she meets Floyd, who has a daughter, Poppy, with a startling resemblance to Ellie. Laurel and Poppy bond as the relationship with Floyd grows, despite concerns from Laurel’s family. Will a diary reveal clues to the truth behind Ellie’s disappearance? And, if so, how will Laurel respond and will it impact her relationship with Floyd and Poppy? (ATRIA, Apr., 368 pp., $26.00)

Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee