Time does not always heal the devastating wounds of brooding obsession and pure evil. From the past horrors of Nazi medical experiments to the present crisis of the AIDS epidemic, one man's insatiable quest for medical knowledge will cause suffering and death to countless individuals, and a lifetime of fear for one extraordinary woman and her descendants.

WWII Death Camp prisoner Ruth Morningstar possesses unique healing abilities. Nazi Doctor Kurt Richter discovered her amazing abilities early on in his grisly experiments. No matter what deadly virus he injected her with, Ruth's immune system managed to repel the invading scourge.

After the war, Ruth moves to the States to live and eventually gives birth to a daughter named Rachel, despite the fact that men do not play a major role in her life. As she grows older, Ruth retreats to the mountains to live in peaceful tranquility. That peace is shattered by the return of Kurt Richter.

Dr. Rachel Morgan has lived with her mother's unique abilities and perspective all her life. But as a doctor of medicine, she believes strongly in the concrete. She and her 13-year-old son Jake have each other and are content, until the day Jake and Ruth are kidnapped.

Boston TV Producer Daniel MacIntyre feels compelled to help Rachel search for her missing boy after he discovers that he inadvertently gave information to the kidnappers. Their desperate quest will take them to a Caribbean Island and a deadly compound where humans are deemed disposable.

Aging Kurt Richter has returned, and his obsession with Ruth is as strong as ever. Unless she cooperates with his experiments, he has threatened to infect young Jake with AIDS. Can Rachel and Daniel reach them in time?

Powerhouse authors Linda Barlow and Bill Tapply combine their unique talents to create a masterpiece of riveting suspense, twisted obsession and chilling terror. A reading experience not to be missed! (Sept., 411pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith