Image of The Thorn Healer (Penned in Time Book 3)


Image of The Thorn Healer (Penned in Time Book 3)

Basham's third installment of the Penned in Time series easily stands alone, although there are continuing characters from previous books. This is a gorgeously rendered tale with stunning spiritual truths woven throughout. The romantic plot is beautifully developed in a believable, touching way. The characters are realistic and relatable, reaching into the depths of readers’ hearts. Themes of racism and what it means to be truly healed resonate in every part of the story, causing the reader to ponder their own thoughts and beliefs on a subject that isn't as cut-and-dried as it seems on the surface.

Jessica Ross served as a nurse in France during the height of World War I. Injured by the Germans, she returns home to North Carolina determined to start her life anew working for her doctor grandfather. She is aghast to find out that there is a German internment camp in town, and one of the men living there is August Reinhold, who works for her grandfather. Jessica cannot believe that her family would consort with the enemy, and she goes to great lengths to avoid the man, even though her family welcomes August with open arms. August is determined to show Jessica that he is an honorable man, and tries to break through to the compassionate, caring woman that he knows is inside. (VINSPIREPUBLISHING.COM, dl $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel