Image of Too Wilde to Wed (Wildes of Lindow Castle)


Image of Too Wilde to Wed (Wildes of Lindow Castle)

The handsome rogue of a duke’s son is the perfect hero for James’ second Wildes of Lindow Castle installment. With her usual wry sense of humor, Shakespearean references, delightful dialogue and highly heated love scenes, James creates an emotionally powerful romance destined for readers’ keeper shelves. Some may find the heroine’s apparent change of character distracting, while others will feel more connected to the woman at the end than the girl in the beginning. However, fans of James’ romance will not want to miss any of her memorable romances.

Lord Roland Northbridge Wilde is more than ready to wed Miss Diana Belgrave when she suddenly runs off, leaving North with a tarnished reputation and a broken heart. He locates her in a small cottage where she is caring for a child; a child everyone believes is North’s. To escape his heartache, North goes to war. He returns to find Diana working as a governess at Lindow Castle. The heat between them is still palpable and this time North will not let anything get in the way of bringing Diana into his bed. But Diana has a secret she will keep at any cost and she cannot let her growing passion and the nights in North’s arms distract her or convince her to trust in his love. Temptation vies with duty until North learns the truth and Diana understands what true love entails. (AVON, Jun., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin