Image of Up in the Treehouse: A Romance Novel


Image of Up in the Treehouse: A Romance Novel

Inspired by a scene from Allen's young adult fantasy story, The Descendants (The Summer Solstice Series), her first foray into new adult romance is gripping from beginning to end. Reminiscent of Nicholas Sparks' endearing tales, this unique storyline is a delicious combination of love and romance set within the complexity of mixed emotions. The constant push and pull of a heartfelt narrative is nothing less than a stellar read, keeping readers on edge till the close of the book.

As childhood friends, Chloe Rivers and twin brothers Devon and Gavin Rhodes spent much of their time together up in the tree house the boys built. A love triangle slowly develops during high school, placing strains on the inseparable trio's dynamics. Riddled with guilt when an awkward situation turns tragic, Chloe leaves to attend an out-of-state college, hopeful that her pain and fears will disappear over the next four years. After graduation, Chloe returns home, lands a promising journalism position, and decides to settle down. Although emotionally, Chloe is anything but settled due to the unresolved conflicts between her and Gavin, who still lives next door. (K.K. ALLEN, Jul., 412 pp., $3.99)

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Anita Lock