Image of Turning Tides (Elements, Book 3)


Image of Turning Tides (Elements, Book 3)

Once again, Marshall proves she can keep a series fresh and inviting, as tension mounts on each chilling page. Familiar friends and family are there for Aidan during her time of need, but are they enough? A wide variety of suspects and a delightfully shocking twist in the ongoing mystery make for an outstanding read. Plus there’s a tantalizing setup for a sequel that can’t come soon enough.

Aidan Brook is in trouble. She’s called before a tribunal of water elemental elders who are ready to banish her for showing her powers to humans. Just as Edith Lake is ready to sentence her, Edith blows up —- literally. Only a fire elemental could make that happen, so Aidan’s half- sister, Sera, comes under suspicion and is summarily put on house arrest. Aidan is given three days to uncover the perpetrator. To further confuse matters, the boyfriend she revived from death is suffering from complications. As Aidan tries to help everyone, her fire half tries to overcome her peaceful water element, driving her closer to madness. And when the father she disowned only a short time prior comes to her rescue, it sets off an unusual series of events. (MATCH BOOKS, May, 332 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown