Image of The Twin Test (From Kenya, with Love)


Image of The Twin Test (From Kenya, with Love)

In the fifth book of the beloved From Kenya, With Love series, the characters are caring, kind and giving of themselves. Plus there are twin girls, Ivy and Fern, who steal the hearts of those around them. The location of the book, Kenya, is wonderful; the descriptions of the landscape and the wild animals are breathtaking and enhances the overall plot. Rula Sinara is a gifted author and she brings the conclusion of the series to a satisfying end.

Dax Calder is at his wits end with the antics his twin daughters, Ivy and Fern, have been pulling since they have arrived to the Serengeti. His job as an earthquake expert has him traveling all over the world. He has gone through a number of nannies and needs to find a new one, one who can handle anything the girls will try. Pippa Harper is still getting over the fact her childhood friend married her cousin instead of her, so she pours her heart and soul into the villages and children she teaches. Somehow she finds herself the nanny for two adorable but mischievous girls. She beats them at their own game and soon they are better behaved. Pippa also teaches Dax there are times one needs to let loose and just have fun. When Dax becomes a whistle blower on the company he works for, his career in Kenya is done for. He is in the process of leaving when a earthquake shakes him up and he realizes he needs Pippa in his life, no matter what comes next. (HARLEQUIN HEARTWARMING, May, 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans