Image of Twisted Truths (Blood Brothers)


Image of Twisted Truths (Blood Brothers)

Throughout both of Zanetti’s outstanding Sin Brothers and now Blood Brothers series, the evil genius that is Dr. Sylvia Daniels (aka Dr. Madison) has loomed large … and now the final showdown beckons! Although they are not bound by genetics, Denver, Heath and Ryker Jones consider themselves blood brothers and will do anything to protect each other and those they love. For this doozy of a finale, the main story centers around Denver and the woman he left behind for her own safety. This story is a pure adrenaline rush as Zanetti starts things off fast and never looks back. The emotional quotient in this book is high, not only for the marvelous love story, but also the welcome cameos by the previous protagonists of both series. Zanetti proves that when it comes to RS, she is in a class by herself!

To protect her from the dangers of his past, Denver disappeared out of Noni’s life without warning. Noni was hurt and angry, but now regardless of her feelings needs Denver’s help. Noni’s foster sister Sharon died shortly after giving birth to baby Talia. Sharon wanted Noni to raise Talia, but Talia has been kidnapped by her gang member biological father Richie. Noni is desperate to rescue three-month-old Talia so she places a picture of herself and Denver on websites like “Find My Man.” Denver knows that Noni has now made a target of herself for evil Sheriff Cobb and Dr. Daniels. Staying ahead of the soldiers sent to capture or kill them and still finding a way to save Talia will take an all hands on deck effort. There is no avoiding this final reckoning! (FOREVER, Nov., 432 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith