Image of Two Man Station (Emergency Services) (Volume 1)


Image of Two Man Station (Emergency Services) (Volume 1)

Lisa Henry’s latest release blurs the line between genre romance and literary fiction. With polished, sophisticated prose, she crafts a story that perfectly balances the tender with the sexy. Her well-developed main leads are complemented by a memorable cast of secondary characters and a setting that sings in its vividity. Henry takes on one of romance’s most-loved tropes — the hot cop — and challenges it with compelling themes of fatherhood and family. Two Man Station has dashes of comedy and thriller, but it is ultimately a deeply personal drama that will linger with readers.

Gio Valeri is a city cop unwillingly transferred to Richmond — a small desert town full of deadly snakes. The closest backup is two hours away, which means he’s forced to rely on his new boss and the station's only other officer, single dad Jason Quinn. Gio’s tarnished reputation follows him to Jason’s station, and Jason knows he can’t trust Gio. As the two men figure out how to work together, Jason discovers that the truth is more complicated. While the men grow closer, Gio's past threatens to catch up with him. (RIPTIDE, Jan., 298 pp., $17.99)
Reviewed by: 
Hannah J.