Image of Unbreakable: A Novel (Chronicles of Promise Paen)


Image of Unbreakable: A Novel (Chronicles of Promise Paen)

Bauers’ debut is an impressive achievement, set in an enormous, complex universe that combines large-scale action with the emotional journey of one truly unique heroine. The blend of military details and high-stakes battle scenes with honest and heartwrenching relationships, especially between the heroine and her mother, ensures this work will appeal to a wide and varied audience. Tense and fascinating, Unbreakable will hold readers captive until the very end.

Having left her home on the planet Montana behind, Marine Corps Lieutenant Promise Paen has traveled the galaxy, tracking down and destroying pirate raiders like those who killed her father. But when Montana becomes the center of an interstellar conflict, Promise is forced to return to her home and lead an assault that makes her an instant, unwitting celebrity among the population. But the battle on Montana has attracted attention across the galaxy and there are those who would stop at nothing to see the planet fall, forcing Promise into battle once again with a terrifying and powerful galactic enemy. (TOR, Jan., 368 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown