Image of Under My Skin: A Stark Novel (Stark International)


Image of Under My Skin: A Stark Novel (Stark International)

Fans of Kenner’s sizzling and emotional Stark International trilogy will find plenty to savor in this finale, as her troubled and passionate protagonists battle to save each other from the darkness that threatens to tear them apart. Though the narrative shifts are jarring, they allow readers to get a full understanding of both characters, making their mutual experiences far more intense. However, though this novel is blistering in its sensuality and doesn’t skimp on the dramatic plot twists, the surfeit of complications forces the characters to constantly react rather than grow, making the ultimate resolution feel rather rushed.

Sylvia Brooks and Jackson Steele have both overcome tremendous hardships in order to make a life together, but even now, their secrets wait to strike them down. When a nightmare from Sylvia’s past returns, Jackson vows to do everything to keep her safe — but has he finally gone too far? As their troubled pasts return to haunt them, both Sylvia and Jackson know there is no one they can rely on but each other. (BANTAM, Sep., 272 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown