Image of An Unseen Attraction (Sins of the Cities Book 1)


Image of An Unseen Attraction (Sins of the Cities Book 1)

Charles’ new Victorian-era romance series, Sins of the Cities, is off to a strong start with this intensely suspenseful and romantic novel. In An Unseen Attraction, Charles continues to explore themes of belonging, recognition and community as she did in her Regency-set Society of Gentlemen series. The writing is witty and captivating and the worldbuilding is meticulous as she brings to life a richly diverse London, from dusty taxidermist shops to riotous acrobat shows.

Rowley Green feels more at home at Talleyfer’s Boarding House than he has anywhere else. He looks forward to quiet evenings sharing tea with Clem, admiring his green eyes and working up the courage to admit an interest beyond friendship. Clem Talleyfer, the gentle and hardworking Anglo-Indian boarding house manager, looks forward to his evenings with Rowley just as much, but dreads disagreeable interruptions from the loutish Rev. Lugtrout, whose presence he must tolerate or risk his employment. Although small in stature and standing, Rowley becomes Clem’s champion when Lugtrout is found dead on the boarding house’s doorstep and the mystery behind his death threatens them both. (LOVESWEPT, dl $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Ana Coqui