Image of Untamed Cowboy: An Anthology (A Gold Valley Novel)


Image of Untamed Cowboy: An Anthology (A Gold Valley Novel)

After being jilted in book one of the Gold Valley series, sexy Bennett Dodge returns with his own story in the latest installment. This time readers are treated to a friends-to-lovers romance with a surprise-child twist. Bennett and Kaylee are great as friends, but when they finally give in to the suppressed heat between them, that friendship is set on fire in all the best ways. The banter between the Dodge siblings is loads of fun, and adding Dallas (Bennett’s surprise son) to the mix raises that humor up a notch or two. Because, despite Dallas’ troubled childhood, he has the Dodge wit through and through. He also has a tender heart, once you get past the sarcastic exterior, and watching him learn to trust in Bennett’s love-without-limits is extremely touching. It might not be a completely realistic transformation, but here it really does work.

Bennett Dodge had a plan. Marry Olivia (to fulfill his promise to her dad to take care of her) and give her the babies she wanted. But she dumped him and ended up falling in love with his friend, Luke, so Bennett is back to square one. His lifelong friend and business partner, Kaylee Capshaw, is the most solid relationship he’s ever had and he’s determined not to muddy the waters by acting on the sizzle of attraction that’s recently become common around her. On the other hand, Kaylee has been in love with Bennett for years and now that he’s single — and suddenly looking at her differently — she hopes for a change in their relationship status. When Bennett is abruptly given custody of an adolescent son he didn’t even know he had, he needs Kaylee like never before. Her own childhood helps her relate to Bennett’s son, Dallas, on a level that Bennett can’t. When Bennett can no longer deny that he wants Kaylee in his bed, will this disrupt the cautious ground he’s gained with his son? (HQN, Jun., 480 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Carrie Townsend