Image of Untouchable


Image of Untouchable

Marsh's debut shows readers the gritty side of London's escort services. Mixed with corporate intrigue, beautiful women, dangerous men and murder, the plot is held together with scenes of carnal desire. Alas, there are a lot of threads left incomplete, as sex scenes overwhelm the plot.

Stella was a successful criminal psychologist until her involvement with a patient led to disaster. She lost everything — her husband, family, friends, job and reputation. Even her name has changed. Indifferent to emotion, Stella buries her past in other people's lust. However, she is startled one day when a customer calls her by her real name. Disturbed but not overly concerned, she doesn't realize that this one incident will lead to a chain reaction among some of the most influential and unscrupulous men in the world. Frightened by another prostitute's murder and bewildered by the danger she's in, Stella discovers something she didn't know she still had: the will to live. (Berkley, Oct., 336 pp., $15.00)


Reviewed by: 
Anita McMurtrie