Image of Vanilla


Image of Vanilla

Hart excels at creating female leads who know exactly what they want and don’t make excuses for their lifestyle. Following this heroine’s journey is exciting, but it does ramble a bit. The return of Alex, Elise’s business partner, brings the voice of reason to her life when she needs it. If you know Alex, that can be a bit scary.

Elise does things her way and she’s fine with that, mostly. Her lifestyle as a Domme does not define her, but it may have cost her a lover whom she hasn’t let go of in her heart. This lack of closure is the one area of her life that may keep her from moving on with Niall. She also has to deal with a disapproving mother and her brother’s disintegrating marriage. Mom does not care for her modeling for a photographer friend, which includes glimpses into her lifestyle. Juggling Niall, her sub/lover and her family begins to take its toll. All three seem to implode at once while Elise decides what direction she wants to take. First, though, she needs to let go of all her baggage and realize that she deserves a happily ever after. (MIRA, Mar., 352 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins