From Jacka’s inexhaustible imagination comes a sixth adventure for diviner Alex Verus that opens a new plotline and a world of new potential for this thoroughly enjoyable series. As Verus attempts to reconcile his dark, lonely past and navigate some dubious new relationships, it’s clear not only how much he has grown and developed as a character — mostly thanks to the loyal and powerful friends he has earned thus far — but how detailed (and dangerous) a world Jacka has created for this inimitable diviner. A wickedly clever final scene hints at just how much potential there is for future installments.

With his former master back in the magical community, Alex Verus knows that he needs all the allies he can get, so in order to protect himself and his friends, he takes a job with the Keepers, working for the governing Council to enforce the laws of magic. Despite his best intentions, however, Alex comes into possession of a priceless magical artifact that all factions of the magical community would kill to possess, and he realizes that not even the powers of the Council can keep him safe. (ACE, Aug., 304 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown