Since this is the second book of a trilogy, readers who are unfamiliar with the characters introduced in Valor of the Healer may be lost in the narrative, but those who stick with this tale will have an “a-ha” moment when everything falls into place. While this reader found the placement of Julian’s backstory intrusive, key elements within that narrative eventually tie into the story as a whole. Highland has crafted characters who are fully developed and three-dimensional, and her worldbuilding is thoughtfully complex.

With tensions between humans and elven escalating, newly freed healer Faanshi is led toward an elven stronghold. Healed by Faanshi of deformities imposed by his sadistic younger brother, Julian Nemeides is readjusting to life — and struggling with his feelings for Faanshi. Julian sets out toward Shalridan. Seeking vengeance tops his to-do list, but when Julian discovers Faanshi has come to Shalridan looking for him and knight Kestar Vaarsen, his plans may have to change. With rioters and fires destroying the city, the only way to save the realm of Adalonia is to work together. (CARINAPRESS.COM, dl $2.99)
Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice