Image of A Very Merry Romance  (Madaris Series Book 21)


Image of A Very Merry Romance  (Madaris Series Book 21)

Fans of the Madaris Family series will finally see where it all began with this 21st volume. With a bit of Texas political history thrown in for good measure, Jackson brings readers a tender and emotional love story to savor. It’s easy to see where the Madaris men inherited their charm, but their father’s path was not always smooth, and readers will enjoy undertaking that journey with him. More importantly, each partner reached for their inner strength and humility to achieve their ultimate goal … each other. Since this is the origin story for the Madaris Family, readers know how it will play out, but it is still a delightful introduction to the bright, strong and loving couple that helped start a dynasty.

As the youngest serving principal in the Houston elementary school system, Jonathan Madaris has set goals for himself as an educator. When he meets his newest teacher, Marilyn Bannister, his only thought is that he must pursue her after experiencing love at first sight. Newly graduated Marilyn is thrilled with her first teaching opportunity, and although she also feels something when she meets Jonathan, her focus is on her new career.  Even with a policy against fraternization between employees, Jonathan gets to know Marilyn with the intent of making her the one. He plans for her to be transferred to a different school so that he can pursue her without breaking any rules. Marilyn believes their relationship is beginning organically, but when Jonathan's scheming is revealed, it's going to take a lot of love to keep this young couple together. (MADARIS, dl $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins