Image of Volatile Bonds (Prospero's War Book 4)


Image of Volatile Bonds (Prospero's War Book 4)

There is great news for fans of Wells! She has returned and gone indie with the fourth installment of her gritty and gripping Prospero’s War series. Kate Prospero is an extremely complicated heroine who is fighting not only a battle against criminals in her city, but her instincts regarding magic. In Kate’s world, everything is shades of gray, so understanding the nuances can save your life. Wells continues to be an outstanding storyteller whose characters are always complicated and truly unforgettable.

Kate and her partner, Special Agent Drew Morales, are called to the scene of a lab explosion where a body has been found. This wouldn’t typically be the jurisdiction of the MEA (Magic Enforcement Agency), but the victim turns out to be the nephew of Aphrodite Johnson, the Hierophant and head of a local magical coven. Then there are several deaths that appear to be from a tainted virility potion. Are the two cases related? As Kate and Morales try to get answers, they discover evidence that a Chinese coven, the Fangshi, are in town and may have connections to new Babylon mayor John Volos. Given Kate’s complicated relationship with Volos, she suspects he is up to something. When magic and money are involved, things have a way of getting dangerous fast! (JAYE WELLS, dl $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith