Image of Wait for It (Everything I Left Unsaid Book 4)


Image of Wait for It (Everything I Left Unsaid Book 4)

A possible theory on how this book was made: O’Keefe’s editor wrote down scenarios and put them in a hat labeled “impossible romance plots” and O’Keefe took the challenge and ran with it. A domestic abuse victim falls for her abuser’s brother. And it’s not convoluted or uncomfortable in the slightest. Instead, readers get a tender romance between a strong-willed woman and a ruthless man, and a reminder that everyone deserves love, no matter how far they’ve fallen.

A year ago, Tiffany took money from her wealthy estranged brother-in-law Blake under the condition that she would leave his family alone. But Blake didn’t know two things: Tiffany’s husband is abusive trash, and she’s anything but a gold digger. Now, Tiffany and her children are on the run and she’s desperate for Blake’s help. Blake can’t put a price tag on Tiffany’s safety, and she learns her husband’s family despises him almost as much as she does. Together they find common ground and new beginnings. (LOVESWEPT, dl $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Elisa Verna