Image of Wanted (Most Wanted)


Image of Wanted (Most Wanted)

The first installment of Kenner’s Most Wanted series is laden with the kind of heady prose, damaged characters and sizzling tension that fans love, and her eye for detail makes each scene a sensual delight. Her hero is a complicated blend of fearsome bad boy and compassionate, conflicted partner, making his evolution alongside his troubled, persevering heroine compulsively engaging. Though some aspects of this story feel familiar and the ending is a bit neat, Kenner’s ability to craft a scene and convey the depths of her characters’ desire is undeniable.

Since the moment she set eyes on Evan Black, Angie wanted him desperately, regardless of her beloved uncle’s warning to keep her distance. Now her uncle is dead, and Evan is staring at her with the heat she has always craved. Their mutual hunger is insatiable and slowly Angie and Evan break down the walls around each other, remaking themselves in their growing passion. But even as their darkest fantasies are realized, the scars that they both bear are exposed, threatening not only to tear them apart, but to ruin them both forever. (BANTAM, Jan., 352 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown