Readers yearning for a light-hearted, fun, fast Regency romp with a cast of delightful characters (including a rakish hero) need look no further. Sit back and enjoy this confection that makes you laugh and feel good.

When famous Paris ballet dancer Sylvie Lamoureux learns she has a sister in England, Lady Susannah, that she lost after their mother was accused of murder, Sylvie rushes across the English Channel to find her. She knows her disappearance will anger her jealous lover, Etienne, but she doesn't know he has come after her until she spies him on the London docks and jumps into theater owner Tom Shaughnessy's carriage to escape. When she's left high and dry after a highway robbery and discovers her sister has gone to Paris to search for her, Sylvie takes a job at Tom's theater. Things get interesting as Sylvie tries to avoid falling in love with the teasing and tempting Tom and find her sister before Etienne exacts his revenge. (Warner Forever, Oct., 384 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin