Image of We Now Return to Regular Life


Image of We Now Return to Regular Life

Readers will be speechless from cover to cover — this book is an absolute must-read! Told from multiple points of view, you’ll follow Sam, a teen freed from child captivity, as he re-acclimates to regular life. As the story unfolds, readers will empathize with how Sam’s abduction affected an entire town. Packed with drama, tension and heartache, Wilson’s debut novel is groundbreaking.

Everyone thought Sam Walsh was dead. The town, his family, his so-called best friend — who wouldn’t after three years of being gone? Only one day Sam is found, and returns to his “regular life.” Sam’s mother, happy her son is back home, refuses to talk about the abuse Sam suffered at the hands of his abductor — and everyone seems okay with that. Except his best friend, Josh, and his older sister Beth, the last two people to see him before his kidnapping. Will Beth and Josh help Sam return to regular life? Or will the secrets they’ve both kept the past three years be enough to send Sam over the edge? (DIAL, Aug., 370 pp., $17.99, HC, 14 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Christin Gest