Image of What Remains True: A Novel


Image of What Remains True: A Novel

A heart-wrenching look into the minds of a grieving family, this haunting story will wrap readers in its hold and conjure intense emotional responses through the final tear-jerking pages. The plot is slowly pieced together using a myriad of perspectives, building affection for the dynamic characters and their pained inner-workings. With each page, the boundaries of belief between life and death will be pushed, and readers will be left with hope for the possibility that love and time can be enough to heal anything.

The lives of the Davenport family are forever altered in a single moment when five-year-old Jonah is killed. From that instant, guilt consumes every member of the family, each of whom claims their own unforgivable responsibility for the accident. Rachel withdraws from the world, not wanting to live another day in a place where her son is not. Sam robotically moves through life, consumed with the mistakes he made that he believes caused his son's death. Eden is mourning both the loss of her little brother and the transformation of her once happy family into one who no longer sees her. Aunt Ruth is attempting to be the glue that holds these broken pieces together, while ignoring the pain from her own life that she would rather not face. Each family member, including Jonah, seeks answers in this limbo, searching for an exit. Will the Davenports allow themselves to wallow in their grief forever, or are healing and forgiveness possible? (LAKE UNION, Dec., 348 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kaitlyn Kelly