Image of Whitefern (The Audrina Series)


Image of Whitefern (The Audrina Series)

Andrew’s original stand-alone novel My Sweet Audrina continues in this unnecessary sequel. While this book contains an amazing portrayal of gaslighting, it’s unclear if the author intended it. Readers looking for Andrew’s trademark gothic, insane family dynamics will be pleased with the style, but will find the overall plot dull. While the plot is sickening and ridiculous, not much really happens. Audrina remains just as naive as ever, but Arden has no more redeeming qualities. Whitefern may please some diehard fans, but new readers are best not returning to Whitefern.

After the death of the family patriarch, Audrina lives at Whitefern with her husband Arden and simple sister Sylvia. Arden seems to have changed overnight into a drunken workaholic who is focused on one thing, an heir. Due to her traumatic past, Audrina is unable to get pregnant, but Sylvia claims to have received a message from their dead father. He tells her that a baby is on the way. Does Audrina have the strength to survive anymore of Whitefern’s secrets? Readers should be advised that rape and sexual abuse factor heavily into this plot. (GALLERY, Aug., 352 pp., $26.99)

Reviewed by: 
Sarah McDaniel Dyer