Image of Wild Trail (Clean Slate Ranch)


Image of Wild Trail (Clean Slate Ranch)

The start of A.M. Arthur’s Clean Slate Ranch series finds a grumpy bear of a man trying to resist a pretty city boy actor who is just in town for a little bit of fun. Wild Trail has so much potential, but doesn’t fully deliver. There are so many threads that unfortunately end up knotted and convoluted. The leads are likable and the sex scenes work, but the story begins meandering two-thirds of the way through. That being said, the series certainly has potential and with the initial worldbuilding out of the way, readers have reason to give this one a try, particularly if they can’t resist a cowboy with a dark past and the pretty boys who bring them back to the light.

Mack Garrett is a former SWAT officer who gave up his career after a tragedy that still haunts him. He now helps his grandfather run a ranch in Northern California. Wes Bentley is an actor who is on the naughty list in Hollywood thanks to some nasty rumors flying about his former co-star and current ex-boyfriend. He finds himself at Mack’s ranch for his sister’s engagement party. The two are instantly attracted to one another, but Mack is determined to maintain his distance as an employee of his grandfather. When things go awry on what should have been a standard campout, Mack and Wes have to work together to make it down the mountain — and somehow resist the temptation to act on their attraction. (CARINA PRESS, dl $3.99)
Reviewed by: 
H.E. Blackwell