Image of Wilde in Love: The Wildes of Lindow Castle


Image of Wilde in Love: The Wildes of Lindow Castle

James can be counted on to deliver a smart, sexy read that captures the essence of the era with witty dialogue, fabulous descriptions, unforgettable characters and a lively romance. Best of all, this laugh-out-loud love story has heart and emotional depth that readers crave and pure romance that has us sighing.

Lord Alaric Wilde, son of the Duke of Lindow, has been traveling the globe penning his adventures in non-sensational prose. He’s unaware that he is England’s most sought after bachelor until his ship docks and he is mobbed by adoring women. He runs off to Lindow Castle to escape his “fans.” There he discovers the reason for his notoriety: a romantic play based on his exploits. The only woman immune to his fame is Miss Willa Ffynche. Willa prefers her wallflower status and the peace that comes with it. Willa isn’t interested in Alaric due to his fame, but as they spend time together she decides he is not the person everyone thinks; he’s actually an intelligent man who appreciates her for who she is. Wooing her won’t be easy though, and Alaric will have to convince Willa his love is true. (AVON, Nov., 416 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin