Once again, Cossette has tapped into the hearts of readers, transporting the audience to ancient Israel, where Yahweh moves mightily in the hearts of those who follow Him. Cossette does a remarkable job of giving readers a behind-the-scenes look into famous Bible stories, telling the tales from the perspective of an everyday person living through them. Wings of the Wind, along with the other books in the Out of Egypt series, are must-reads for fans of Biblical and historical fiction.

Alanah hates the Hebrews and has vowed to do all within her power to kill as many as possible. Disguising herself as a Canaanite soldier, Alanah goes to battle against these people. However, she is soon injured and ends up at the mercy of one of those she has vowed to kill. As Alanah experiences the grace and love of Yahweh and the Hebrews, her heart softens. Then her past catches up to her, and she is faced with deciding how much she really does trust these people she has grown to love. (BETHANY HOUSE, May, 352 pp., $15.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Frobisher