Image of Winterwood (Rowankind)


Image of Winterwood (Rowankind)

The first book in Bedford’s new historical fantasy series, Rowankind, seamlessly blends history, magical lore, high-seas adventure and romance into one fantastic story. Bedford crafts emotionally complex relationships and interesting secondary characters while carefully building an innovative yet familiar world. Skilled, brave and smart, the heroine, Ross, must untangle a web of competing loyalties, hidden agendas and self-delusion in order decide how to act. The ending satisfies while enticing readers to return to explore the world further.

After seven years at sea, Captain Rossalinde “Ross” Tremayne reluctantly arrives at her mother’s deathbed, where she is gifted with a magically sealed Winterwood box, inside of which resides the power to right an ancient injustice — or endanger the lives of millions. Hunted by a deadly powerful foe and allied with capricious magical creatures, Ross must choose between running back to the sea or taking up the quest and fulfilling her family’s hidden magical legacy. (DAW, Feb., 432 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Ana Coqui